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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Shoestring Search Engine Optimization - Part 1

You have just launched your website/blog and now want the whole world to know about it but you do not have deep pockets and heavy budgets to pay some expert for Search Engine Optimization. This scenario is faced by many of us everyday as we struggle to attract traffic towards our website. What can you do to help bring traffic to your website? Here are some main strategies you can implement. I will be discussing these strategies in detail in future.

1. Push Strategy
2. Pull Stragegy
3. Parasite Strategy
4. Scratch Strategy

Stay tuned for details :)!

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Can You Rank High On Google?

Ranking in the top three to five results on Google or at least on the very first page is every website owner's dream. But is it easy to rank that high on this popular search engine? The answer is Yes! Infact, I should say it all depends on the keywords you have chosen and what sort of competition that keyword has.

If your keyword matches your domain name and your description as well as page title also shows that keyword, Google will start ranking you on top of the results in no time! For instance If your domain name is and your desired keyword to rank high is also "rank high" then its comparatively much easier to grab a better position in the search result on Google. Remember! if no one is searching for the keyword 'rank high' then even with your high google rank, you won't get any traffic. So the goal has to be clear in your mind i.e. You wish to rank high or get more traffic to your website?!

I will dicuss different strategies for ranking high on Google in my later posts so stay tuned!

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Have a Blogger Review Your Website!

I know you are passionately trying to get your website optimized on the search engine, to hit the home run on Google search results and to eventually make decent money out of your blog or a website. In your SEO mix, never forget to have some impartial reviews from good standing bloggers. This not only helps your users but greatly impact on your search engine standing. There are several websites/bloggers who may charge you for a blog and many are free. You can also design and launch your review campaigns on the websites like

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Got Alexa Down by 2 Million in 10 Days!

This may be surprising to many but for one of my blogs, I was able to pull down my Alexa score down to 5 million from 25 million initial rank in just less than 10 days! I started my other blog almost 1 1/2 week ago (i know its fairly young) and only by installing Alexa tool bar on my IE browser and with absolutey NO traffic to that blog at this time, I was able to punch a big dent in my Alexa Ranking!

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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rank High on Alexa

As a blogger I have been doing a lot of research and experimentation on how to rank high on Alexa. Read through several articles and used various strategies to see what works with Alexa. I seriously don't think that many of the strategies outlined out there on the web are any effective specially if you wish to have a sustainable rank on Alexa. They may boost your immediate rank while working as a vitamin shot to your website but if the health of your website is not good, this may not give you a long term rank sustainability.

Although much of the Alexa ranking is still a myth and may not be the one accurate meter to evaluate your website traffic, yet good Alexa ranking is used by many advertisers as a yardstick.

I understand that you wish to get a good Alexa rank overnight; however, I would strongly suggest that in addition to employing the following strategies, you should also strongly focus on increasing a healthy organic traffic to your website. Here are few tips that may help you get a high ranking on Alexa.

1 - Download Alexa Toolbar

Alexa toolbar is available on for both Firefox and Internet Explorer. Download the suitable toolbar and set your blog/website as the default homepage. Alexa ranking works through its toolbar and its stated clearly on their website also. Everytime you will open your website with Alexa toolbar, it will bring your rank low (which is good). Engage others in your network to check on your website/blog once a day at least by using Alexa toolbar. You will find significant reduction in the numbers.

2- Post Your Website on Forums

Visit as many forums as possible and post your thoughts there linking them back to your website/blog. This strategy also helps in directing traffic to your website/blog and in getting good Alexa ranking.

3- Google Pay Per Clicks

Engaging Google Pay Per Clicks also helps in bringing immediate attention and traffic to your website. If your PPC campaign is directed towards the traffic that widely uses Alexa toolbar, all those clicks coming to your website will also help you get a high ranking.

In addition to employing above stratgies, you need to develop an effective Social Media Campaign to attract a wide spectrum of users to your blog/website. Use of Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and other social media websites can help you get a great traffic to your website.

Virgin Islands

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Launch of Career.VI, Virgin Islands' #1 Job Website, is finally launched on February 04, 2008. BIZVI held a silent/soft launch by emailing fifty individuals about the Virgin Islands' leading Jobs website, Career.VI. Now finding jobs in VI or finding a good career oriented job in VI is not a difficult task. One can visit and start applying for jobs anytime. Isn't it great! Most important of all, its all FREE! for both employers and employees.

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Wikipeida-Is it really a public encyclopedia?

I am not convinced that wikipedia is a true public encyclopedia ( as many entries there seem to be choreographed or managed by some international data house. Maybe in pursuing their goals, they have ended up in becoming more structured. Nevertheless, like many others i enjoy and like wikipedia.